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5599 Sunset Blvd. Lexington, SC 29072

I currently reside in West Columbia, South Carolina where I was born and raised.  I love this state and when I'm not helping clients I'm enjoying traveling the Caribbean with my high school sweetheart and wife Lauren and our beautiful daughter Linley.  Before real estate I managed a couple locally owned jewelry companies where I really developed my love of helping people with big life milestones.  Knowing I didn't like needles and being a doctor was out of the question I decided to jump head first into real estate to help people with the statistically the second most stressful thing they would do in life buying and selling real estate.  I have developed continuous success for my clients and alleviated much of the stress of this process by living up to my three basic promises:

  1. Always Communicate: I call my clients at least once a week with an update call no matter what part of the process we are in and no matter what the news is, even no news.

  2. Be Brutally Honest: This is a big decision so I like my client to know all the potential outcomes of their decision and help them make the best decision for them and their wants and needs.

  3. Do What I Say: Simple as it is when I tell you I'm going to do it, I will.  I say I'm going to call, I will.  This unfortunately seems to be forgotten by to many people in the industry.

Through these promises and my secret proven marketing system I have helped make the process effective, efficient and smooth as possible for all my clients whether they are buying or selling.

I hope that i can assist you as well and do the same for you.


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